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Bankruptcy Filing


Bankruptcy is a difficult situation to face. Boston area clients can count on Attorney Kane's guidance to manage the legal framework supporting their Chapter 7 or 13 claims. 

Kathleen L. Kane is committed to giving clients and their families peace of mind, not a piece of paper. She charges flat fees, so her clients never have to worry about getting billed for an extra meeting or phone call – and she's always available to answer questions as they arise. She will walk you through the entire Bankruptcy process, beginning to end, so that you are not left to struggle on your own. Kathleen can help you with:

  • Foreclosure Defense

  • Garnishment

  • Judgment

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Discharging Debt


Take the first step right now. Request a free consultation, and breathe easier with Attorney Kane on your team.

Bankruptcy: Practice Areas
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